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Dunipace Volunteer wins

Retirement enabled former high school teacher, Jean Weir to regenerate the Herbertshire Castle Park in Dunipace.  The work she did, through CGI, included combining the skills of local people, networking with Falkirk Council staff, and obtaining advice from Paths For All.  As a result of her work, we see an improvement of 100m of path  network for wheelchair and buggy access; seating has been installed, interpretation developed (in progress) and a community bulletin board sign has been installed.  A viewing area over the River Carron is also in progress. 

To win this award, Jean received two nominations.  One from fellow volunteer –   Michelle Miller Allen Secretary of CGI, and Forth Valley & Lomond LEADER Programme’s – Sue Wylie.

“Managing a project over two years—from consultation to grant fundraising to procurement; to keeping other volunteers on board; to near    completion—is not easy!  Jean has been committed, well organised and open to   learning throughout,” said Michelle and Sue in support of their nominations.  “Jean is friendly, supportive, proactive, compassionate, creative, a natural leader.  She is living proof that life isn't just about a career, but about what you give of yourself.”

Not only is Jean Weir the Community Path Volunteer of the Year, she is the first  person to complete Paths for All’s Managing Path Construction online training course.

Jean received her trophy and a cheque for CGI’s works at a ceremony and reception held by Paths for All at Scottish Parliament in December 2013.  Several CGI members attended, having decided to make this their annual Christmas celebration.  After the awards event, they spent time at the outdoor German Market in Edinburgh, followed by a wee pint at the train station before returning to Dunipace and Falkirk.  A very good time was had by all, and all were very proud of Jean!

"I was delighted and honoured to receive the Community Path Volunteer Award,” said Jean at the ceremony.  “It was great that so many of the CGI  members and supporters were able to join me at the    celebration. The park project CGI is working on is a team effort. The award  reflects how forging good  partnerships can make things happen for the benefit of the community." 


Herbertshire Castle Park / Gala Park, Dunipace - Update Community Green Initiative (CGI) has been busy liaising with various organisations with the aim of improving access in the park. Earlier this year Falkirk Council constructed a new path from the car park to join with the existing path network. A disabled car parking space has been designated. This and the path have improved access to the park. In June a new path and viewing area were completed by Caley Construction Ltd. in the upper park. This work is part of an on-going park project which is being part-financed by the Scottish Government and the European Community Forth Valley & Lomond LEADER 2007-2013 programme. In addition to funding, FVL LEADER has provided project development support to CGI. See to find out more. CGI is grateful for the support given by the Paths For All Technical Officer during the planning and construction of the path work. See for information about their work. In addition to the path and viewing area, the funding that CGI has secured through the Forth Valley & Lomond LEADER programme includes an interpretation panel for the park. CGI is currently liaising with Falkirk Council, Communities Along the Carron and Denny and Dunipace Heritage Society on the design and content for the panel. The interpretation panel will be located at the viewing area. Falkirk Council has provided seating in the area. For more information contact:

Students from the Edinburgh University School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture took a tour of Dunipace’s Gala Park early in 2012 and then prepared 17 “Dream Plans” as part of their curriculum and to help the community of Dunipace/Denny to envision what they would like to see happen with their park over time.  The plans were based on results of the community consultation conducted by CGI with funding from Central Scotland Forest Trust.   To see the plans which were unveiled at a public presentation on 2nd March 2012, click on these links (we will continue to add more over the next week):







Denny & Dunipace Neighbourhood groups (of all kinds!), Falkirk Photographers and anyone who walks the footpaths of Denny, Dunipace, Fankerton and Stoneywood:
Earlsburn Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund has awarded a grant to CGI for its Desire Paths Project!

As of 18th July, community members in Denny, Dunipace, Fankerton and Stoneywood selected 12 paths to be featured in the 2011 Desire Paths Community Calendar. The lists are now available to any amateur or semi-pro photographers of any age in the Falkirk area -- and we hereby issue a call to photographers for a 15th September deadline on our photo competition.

We also are calling to any Denny/Dunipace groups for the neighbourhood regeneration competition, deadline 30 April 2011. See Paths and Murals page for details and links. To register for this one, contact us before September 2010!







Living Streets Scotland is the national charity that stands up for pedestrians. With our supporters we work to create safe, attractive and enjoyable streets, where people want to walk. We work with professionals and politicians to make sure every community can enjoy vibrant streets and public spaces.

Over the next few months LSS will be working with CGI in partnership with CTRA (Carronvale Tenants & Residents Association, Dunipcae) on the launch of the Denny Paths and a potential tree planting scheme in the Milton Row area in the Autumn.

Training workshops can also be provided to local residents who are interested in reclaiming their streets and this opportunity is being opened up to members of CGI and CTRA. If you would like to take part in this training and find out more please contact Kirstie on 0131 243 2647 or email:<>

To get the free toolkit or for more information on how to improve your streets and public spaces, go to

Living  Streets Engaging Communities Project Evaluation Form



As part of the safer paths to school initiative in Denny and Dunipace, CGI is working with funding agencies and Falkirk Council to upgrade the paths from Dunipace out to the new Denny High School. We are encouraging carbon footprint reduction ~ there is a great path to cycle or walk to school already in place, it just needs some TLC.

Rosebank Community Woodland: The woodland's cycling/walking path was identified in 2008 as being of importance to the community and key to the Council's overall Core Path Plan. Funding was provided by Falkirk Council to transform part of the path and thereby to improve accessibility of the woodland. The Council's Development Service also secured some funding assistance from Scottish National Heritage. Central Scotland Forest Trust provided communty consultation and managed the project. With the help of Falkirk Council's Litter Strategy Team, CGI sponsored a big community litter pick along the path in February 09. This is only the beginning of our dreams and plans for footpath upgrades in Denny and Dunipace.

Community Safety Fund gave CGI funding to bring in mural artist Scott Gilbert , who worked with local youth to create murals at the two underpasses along the pathway from Dunipace to Denny. The murals were finished in March and it was six months before any "vandalism" began to appear on one of them (but it's really tagging, signatures, and we're working to resolve that) and the other one has not been vandalised at all. So far so good! We think this is a sign that the community welcomes the colour and cheeriness of the paintings, making the underpasses very user friendly!