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The CGI Management Committee meets every 4th Tuesday of the month from 7 to 9 pm at the Heritage Rooms, Milton Row, Dunipace. Meetings are informal - feel free to join us. Our AGM is usually held in October. There are no meetings in July or December.

For more info on meetings or to put something on the agenda, contact us at

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A few members and guests at CGI's June 2009 AGM Reception, Dunipace Christine Bell, Michelle MillerAllen and Tracy McNeil cut the official CGI Happy 1st Birthday Cake, AGM 2009

CGI Management Committee Members

TRACY MCNEIL Chairperson

I am a founder member of CGI and I am honoured to work with so many dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. We are a great team with an abundance of energy and knowledge between us. I have to fill big shoes as Chair, following on from our dear departed Mick McIntosh, and outstanding energetic Graham  Stirling, but I promise to do my best as I am passionate about helping the local community enjoy their surroundings, have pride in their town and to pass on to the future generation a joy in where they grow up.

I am a mum with two children who have been involved in helping CGI with litter picks, river clean ups and the local heritage since they were young, and am proud that my daughter has gone on to University to study Conservation and Ecology, and my son is always ready to help with technical knowledge, phew! Thank goodness!

Our rivers are cleaner, our parks have more accessible paths, the litter is becoming less, and the dog poo, well, the knowledge of how disgraceful it is, is getting there. We will keep striving for our area, to help it shine and be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. I would encourage everyone to 'give an hour' to our group, or on your own to help your local area, believe me, it is worth it.



Having attended Bonnybridge primary school followed by Denny High School then settling as an adult in Dunipace, I have found raising two children in this area a pleasure and a challenge. I love where I live but realise it has the potential to be so much better. I am committed to making this area as beautiful as it should be and am dedicated to doing all I can to help make that happen. After volunteering with CGI for the last 5 years and seeing what can be achieved by working with other like-minded members of our community I would encourage anyone who cares for where they live to come and help us to preserve, enhance and maintain this lovely part of Central Scotland.


“Had so much practice picking up after three kids that I thought I'd do it for the local community as well!!”

Graham served as inspiration to CGI in its formation, as he was often seen out litter-picking with his trusty 4-legger Venice and daughter Heather. Together they would leave several large sacksful for the council to collect from old Gala Park every week. Such a dedicated “litter man” was finally convinced to join CGI as a valued member of its management committee.

Graham was CGI chairperson 2011-2013 and he was the well-deserved winner of the CVS Volunteer of the Year Award in 2013.


I live in Dunipace with my family.  I have been interested in environmental issues for a long time and am keen to be involved in issues in our local area.


I am a pensioner and live in Allan Crescent Dunipace. I was born in the area more years ago than I wish to remember and have memories of the village as it used to be. Over the years the traditional industries of the area have declined and are now non existent. In addition we have witnessed unprecedented house building. Without, alas, an increase in facilities. Our area has turned into a dormitory for those who travel to work out with the area and has lost its community spirit.

But hey, the Brownies are coming over the hill!

I am referring to one of CGIs first major clean up when it was uncertain what response we could expect. But there they were, the Brownies and everyone else. Since these early days the response of the community has been tremendous. Now when you walk in our countryside lanes there is a remarkable difference. It is delight to see.

It is fair to say that it is not only the countryside which has benefited from the creation of CGI but also the spirit of the community. This is a community that is reinventing itself. This is a community that will stand up and say “enough is enough” and this is a community that is not frightened to do it itself!


John Watson is a well known figure in the community with a great interest in local biodiversity. He’s the guy who distributes thousands of litter pick fliers for CGI, shows up to help at every event, – one of our unsung heroes!



I first found out about CGI when I met Christine and Tracy to discuss an environmental project I was involved in when teaching.  Since retiring I have become more involved in voluntary work with CGI. Community, cooperation and communication are very important to me and I believe CGI is good at promoting these. I am especially interested in developing our open spaces and improving access, so I am enjoying working with others on the Herbertshire Castle Park/Gala Park project in Dunipace. I love the great outdoors and walking or geocaching with our Border Terrier.



Primary interest is in the local environment.  As a hard-working community volunteer and activist his focus is on these goals:  Making Dunipace & Denny a clean & tidy place to live; helping Dunipace & Denny to be a thriving place to live by making the most of its natural surroundings; making the most of Dunipace &Denny’s amenities ie shops, parks, paths etc; preserving those parts of Dunipace & Denny which have history & heritage; to inculcate a sense of community in the community; and to create a sense of respect for what we have in the community.


As a tribute to past members Michelle and Mick we continue to feature them in this section 'About Us'. 



CGI announced the loss of our dear friend and Chairman 'Mick' on 18th May 2011. A memorial to Mick was published in the summer New Leaf News 2011 and can be found in the New Leaf News link to previous copies.

He was one of us, he helped to shape us and his spirit remains with us in many ways and in many things we do.

Mick joined CGI at the tender age of 64. He had been involved in community activism for approximately forty years, first in the trade union and labour movement and had also been involved in local area campaigns in the Muirhouse and Leith areas of Edinburgh and local projects in the Falkirk, Denny & Dunipace areas. He joined CGI because he believed our community had a responsibility to protect and enhance the environment around us and also to point out the lack of commitment on these issues to both local and national politicians.
CGI continue to deliver on Mick's beliefs just as we continue to remember him with fondness and affection..........we miss his tenacity, his wisdom, his passion and most of all... his sense of fun!



Michelle was a founder member of CGI and was Secretary & New Leaf News Editor from 2008 until she died on 18 April 2014. A memorial edition of New Leaf News is planned. We continue to include Michelle’s own words about herself.

“As an expat American who relocated to Scotland a few years ago from the incredibly beautiful state of New Mexico, I found Scotland to also have a compelling beauty that was marred by litter, fly tipping and dog fouling. Simultaneously I found a like-minded environmentally concerned community of phenomenal people and together we embarked on this work, to try to bring back a green awareness in those who are disconnected from the earth.

It is exciting to watch this post-industrial area waking up and focusing on its natural heritage and rich assets in biodiversity and wildlife. We are working to pass this green awareness onto the children, as they will inherit all of it, the good bad and ugly. Making this difference has become the passion of my life.”


The photographs you see through CGI's website and New Leaf News are courtesy of local photographers:  Eddie McEleney, Lyn Bennet, Joe Shaw, bobwmac, Christine Bell, Anna Bell, Michelle MillerAllen, Fiona Wishart, Richard Broadley and more.  For permission to use any of the photos from our collection, please contact us.