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CATCA and CGI Co-Host Our Living River


In the summer of 2013, Communities Along the Carron Association and Community Green Initiative celebrated Nature Fest by co-hosting an event on the River Carron in Dunipace Gala Park in June.

Families with kids from Dunipace Primary School and St Patricks primary joined in the Kick Sampling demonstration and all were fascinated to see the selection of invertebrates which were collected. Using identification charts the kids were able to identify at least 10 different species such as hairworms, midge larva, freshwater shrimps and caseless cadis fly larvae. They learned about the importance of invertebrates in the river and the significance they have by providing a food source for the fish as well as being indicators of the water quality. At the Heritage Rooms, Les Wallace CGI member provided wildlife demonstrations and displays including Hedgehog Street and Tooth and Claw story boards all of which the kids and adults found educational, informative and fun! CATCA and CGI plan to host other river-side events for families in the near future.